is LIVE!!!

Its been almost two years, but Rev Happy is back! 
We've got three cruises set up this spring, and are once again available for photoshoots. New merchandise will be unveiled this summer, as will more awesome cruises and photo shoots!


What is this

This site is a portal to car culture. It has so many features worth mentioning, so lets get started!

I. News. The News page is the place to find out the newest things going on with Rev Happy. It has a live Twitter feed linked to the official Rev Happy Twitter (@RevHappy_), it has our news blog (this is a post on that blog, hi), and a magazine signup box. We'll get into what the magazine will be about in a little bit.

II. Media. The Media page is your portal to Rev Happy Productions work. There are full length photo features, an event coverage page, and a gallery for you to check out some of our work.
The Feature's page will be home to the very finest local builds, starting with Omar Khan's amazing FD RX-7. Don't forget to check that out. Our first Event Coverage post is a summary of Cars at the Quarries, our last meet (in 2016). You can comment on both our Features, and our Event Coverage posts, so share your thoughts!

III. Events. This page is home to our upcoming events, and information about exclusive meets/cruises. 

IV. Booking. The replacement to the Rev Happy Production booking site. This is where you go to set up a shoot with us. Detailed description of shoots, competitive pricing, and package deals! Go check it out if you're tired of those iPhone pictures and instagram filters.

V. Merchandise. This is our new merchandise site. Those interested in purchasing stickers should do it through this site. Stickers are now $5 each, buy two get one free! We will be adding new products soon, so stay tuned!

VI. Digital Magazine. This is the thing I'm most excited about - our brand new Rev Happy  Magazine. The first official volume will be mailed out on July 1st, but there will be a "Beta" magazine released sometime in mid-June with a special promo code for a discounted photoshoot! Sign up for the magazine on the News page! You'll also get shoot coupons emailed to you, invitations to exclusive events, and more!