Build Progress Package


Build Progress Package

from 400.00

These are Rev Happy Productions' long term photo packages. These are essentially photoshoot bundles aimed at people who are planning to make drastic changes to their build over a certain amount of time. 

These shoots involve shoots before building, during building (shop photos), and after building the car, as well as a major feature on the Rev Happy website, and the digital magazine. 
We work with our clients to decide how frequently the shoots would take place based on their projected build goals.
(Please limit the amount of time to 1 calendar year) 

Rev Happy Productions doesn't believe in limiting its photographers to a number of photos taken during a shoot, rather how many are edited. 
Our photographers grow through the experience gained while shooting and subsequent material to edit, whether that material is for a client or not. As a result, we can offer our clients the best photos taken during a shoot, even if their budget is limited, or they are only looking for a few key photos. 

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