Cars at the Quarries

After an extended absence from the car scene, Rev Happy set up a car meet at the Quincy Quarries without expecting a large turnout since the meet was so short notice. Luckily the weather played nice and the rain that was forecasted for that night never hit Quincy. Although the rain missed us, the heat and humidity sure didn't; without shade that parking lot gets incredibly hot with the sun beating down relentlessly. We will start bringing packs of water to any meet we host in 90+ degree weather.

The turnout was better than expected, with close to 70 cars coming out to the event when it was at its busiest. Even a Milton Police Explorer decided to join in momentarily.

Everything from a newer Maserati GranCoupe to a few tough looking Jeeps made it, which is the kind of diversity I like seeing. 

The star of the show was Omar Khan's meticulously built, RE-Amemiya kitted Mazda RX-7. I had been waiting months to see it in person, and luckily he brought it to the meet instead of his Evo X.

Its hard to ignore the quintessential idle that built rotaries have. A few people came up to me during the meet wondering if I could get Omar to turn the RX-7 on. The crowd was definitely pleased after it was running, he even bounced off the limiter at the very end of the meet, trying to show everyone some flames.

Rev Happy Productions featured Omar's RX-7 on its very first feature.

Feature No. I — THE UNICORN

Marcos brought it out. The new project.
After close to a year away from his mental fender-flare habits, I couldn't be happier to see him behind the wheel of another black WRX. This time he decided to go for another black WRX, but this one is a bug-eye (my least favorite generation). The only other bug-eye I like would be Sunny, Collin Stankard's awesome yellow hornet of a bug-eye STI.

Marcos brought another aggressively flared Subaru with him; Ted's blob-eye looks ready for war thanks to its flares making for a very aggressive stance.

Sunny brought out his slammed Acura TSX, which still blows my mind. This has to be one of the lowest static daily drivers I've ever seen.

A set of sparkling-clean Weds Kranze Borphes set the car off, and the insane wing makes it look like its ready for the track. 

Dan Sheehan finally sold his Passat and has been steadily putting in work on his new Miata. Although at the time of the meet he hadn't done much, the car still looks like an amazing example of a quintessentially adorable NA Miata. 

Overall, the meet was a resounding success. Outside of some scattered glass thanks to the local tweens, everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time. Thanks to everyone that came out, showed off their cars, and had a great Sunday evening. We will be getting there at least an hour early and sweeping the glass off of the lot for the next Cars at the Quarries Meet (August 21st).