Takeover Cruise n.I

After a long pause to Rev Happy's cruises, we surprised everyone by throwing a city takeover cruise on Wednesday, May 2nd 2018. Since the event post was made and shared only two days ahead of the actual event, our expectations weren't the highest, but you guys really surprised us. Thanks to each and every one of the 125+ people that ended up joining the cruise at whatever part, you really showed us that this is the right time to bring Rev Happy back.

After arriving somewhat late and saying our hellos to a few familiar faces, someone from the 20 or so cars in the area we designated for parking shouted, "Gabe said everyone should go to the other side of the building where everyone else is!" Although I hadn't said anything of the sort, we rolled out with them and found another 87 cars on the loading dock side of Black Falcon. (Thanks for the headcount Yusuf, it proved very useful)

There were exotics, tuners, built daily drivers, trucks, and everything inbetween. This was easily the most diverse event Rev Happy has ever had the pleasure of hosting.

It only took about 10 minutes for the police to show up, and they showed up for a really simple reason; they had never seen that many cars piled into the active loading dock area of Black Falcon Avenue. Shoutout to the Homeland Security and State Police officers that gave us a few minutes to figure out a location to take everyone to. In the past the police would at least have a recommendation for where we could take a meet if they shut it down, but they had no idea where we could take this number of cars. 

The obvious place to go was Castle Island in South Boston, with its ample parking and relatively lax atmosphere. Although it was a little messy when we left Black Falcon, mostly everyone made it to Castle Island over the next half an hour. People lined up along the beach and walked down the beach to see each others cars. Many parked on the opposite side of the road in order to keep the group more contained, which worked perfectly.


We rolled out of Castle Island at around 8:45 PM, and headed into the heart of Boston, blasting through the South End before snaking our way around Newbury and Boylston street. The exotics led the pack, but when cars with over 500hp lead, its obvious that they would end up far ahead of everyone else. With this number of cars in mind, we will have a few cruise lead cars throughout the pack to make sure people don't get lost. 

After an exhilarating hour of blasting through the city, we met up at one of South Shore Plaza's parking garages for some more photos, good conversation, and talk about the next event. It was an absolute blast, and I'm honored so many of you came out to the first Rev Happy event of 2018. The next one will be on Friday, May 18th, so we'll see you there!