The Unicorn

In New England the FD RX-7 is already rare enough in its stock form, never mind a clean example of one; so what does that make this meticulously maintained, well-built, RE-Amemiya kitted FD?

That's right, it's a unicorn.

I had been in contact with Omar Khan, the owner of this beautiful specimen of JDM royalty, for a few months often inquiring about shooting his, then black, Mazda RX-7.  It achieved the "sleeper" look quite well, with very little in terms of cosmetic mods, but a good amount of work was put in under the hood. 

Fast forward a few months and there I was, at Cars at the Quarries, hearing the distinct -brrraaaAAAAAAP- of a built rotary engine approaching from the distance. A silence fell as everyone watched Omar's unicorn drive into the lot. This car knows exactly how to stop the show and draw a crowd. During the entirety of the meet, there was a significant group huddled alongside the RX-7; they adored its lovely curves and admired the attention to detail that Omar put into this build, as he has with his many other builds.

The classic Nardi steering wheel sets off the interior perfectly, delivering a near-OEM look. 

Two turbos, lots of red, and lots of go-fast parts.

I almost expected an Initial D-esque tachometer going to 14,000 RPMs in here

After watching his dad work on Japanese cars as a child, Omar leapt head first into the Japanese tuning scene at 14 years of age when he bought his first s13 and built it fully. It's not often that you find someone who has such a burning passion for cars that it leads them to create their own aftermarket performance parts business, Khan Racing.

His shop is now well known for building rotaries and has a history of wrenching on 240s. It carries an impressive amount of name brands, and Omar even builds cars for track racing in house. His passion for performance has been present in all of his builds, which became evident as he spoke about his car history. After that conversation I began wishing I had been there to shoot each of his 240s, his Zs, his FCs, and every other car he's had that I dream of.

It's amazing how the RE-Amemiya kit accents so many of the cars stock lines, making the car more sleek, more sexy, and more aggressive all at the same time. The few carbon fiber parts on the car accent it perfectly, the canards make the front angular and aggressive, while the wing, splitter, and the diffuser flow around the car's gentle, swooping curves.

More from Omar's garage will be featured soon. The next RX-7 will have a different personality, a different heart, and some mental performance figures. Stay tuned!